Lisa J. Griffin, MA

Co-founder and Executive Director
of L’Art ici SVP & Festival Inspire

A Community Development Hack and project junkie, Lisa has been turning ideas into community movements around the world for over 15 years and often shares her practices with others. She studied IDS at Dalhousie University and ESD at Murdoch University, Australia. Living on a boat taught her that change is the only thing that remains constant. She speaks 4 languages including Japanese, has a robotic hand from Japan, a fake tooth from Australia, and a yoga teaching certification from India. Her spirit animal is the Otter, her Chinese zodiac the year of the monkey, and she is an Aquarius. Lisa sits on the City of Moncton’s Downtown Revitalization Committee and is always happy to share ideas over coffee with people who want to talk about what inspires them.

Guillaume Lebreton
(Communication, Marketing & Everything)
- contact

LPC Festival Inspire
Melanie Mealey Director of unpaid positions (Volunteers manager) - contact -
matt sinclair Festival Inspire

Derrick Deke Beardsworth
Musicians greetings catcher
(Music stages manager)
- contact -

Phil MacDougall
Energizer Bunny
(Murals production)

Matt Sinclair
Mister Supersonic
(Techs, sound, lights)

LPC Festival Inspire

Louis Philippe Chiasson
Picture trapper
(Photo and video)

Christine Lund
Adobe master
(Graphic designer)

Chris Hooper
Komrad Sputnik
(Bar manager)

Mickayla Christie
Layout Guru
(Inspire Times editor)

Thom Sokoloski
Dark master
(Art in the dark curator)

Vee Paradis (Logisitic and Vollies)
Andrea Iapaolo Cookie Master (Catering)
Sarah McAdam Everything is possible (Director Assistant)
Jonny Dekz Dome master/Bob the builder (Construction)
Shawn Wilson Beats maker (Electronic stage manager)