Plastic Free Challenge 2022

Welcome to the Plastic Free Challenge!

Whether you’re doing the challenge for a day, the week of Festival Inspire, one month or..... the rest of your year (life?), this is where you can get started on your challenge.
In this section you will find resources to help you use less plastic to whatever degree you decide to do the challenge!
For even more help, visit they are a not-for-profit charitable foundation that began the movement in Australia. And although plastic free july has a nice ring to it OBVIOUSLY  you can do it ANYtime - the more often the better for the planet!

clipart-green-checkmark-and-red-minus-d3ce Step 1: Register for the challenge here so we can send you helpful tips, cool articles, and links to local businesses to help keep you on track throughout your journey!

clipart-green-checkmark-and-red-minus-d3ce Step 2: Take our quiz to help you identify where your plastics come from.

clipart-green-checkmark-and-red-minus-d3ce Step 3: Target the Top 4 to start your challenge

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Targeting the Top 4

Congratulations! You have decided to take up the Plastic Free Challenge!
Completely eliminating plastics can be a daunting task. When you really start thinking about how much plastic we use on a daily basis, it can be shocking. Instead of trying to cut out all your plastic at once, it might be a good idea to start small.
Try eliminating the top 4 single use plastics first: plastic straws, plastic bags, plastic drink lids, and plastic bottles.  

Plastic Bags

Whenever you go shopping keep a reusable bag with you. Any old bag will do, but reusable bags are often available for purchase at grocery stores. Just don’t buy a new one every time you shop!  People often forget, but if you have single-use plastic bags lying around at home, they are perfectly good to use a second time!

Plastic Straws

The easiest way to eliminate plastic straws is to just to refuse them at a restaurant. Just let the staff know that you won’t be needing a straw and there you go, no plastic! If you absolutely need a straw for a certain type of drink or occasion, you can purchase a reusable metal, glass, or bamboo one!

Plastic Lids

If you’re someone who drinks coffee every day, carry around your own reusable coffee mug and ask to have it filled.  By doing this rather than getting a new cup every time, you can drastically reduce your plastic consumption in the long run!

Plastic Bottles

Carrying around a reusable water bottle and filling it throughout the day not only saves on plastic, but is a lot cheaper for you as well. Most restaurants and fast food places don’t mind filling it and it feels good when you do it! Also, if you’re someone who enjoys pop, consider purchasing a soda stream and making your own at home to avoid throwing out all those bottles.