Petitcodiac Inspired

petitcodiac festival inspire mural

The butterfly effect of Moncton’s homegrown Festival Inspire has reached Petitcodiac !

Over the last year we received a lot of requests from cities across the country to learn about how we work or to organise a mini Inspire, but so far we have focused our efforts on Greater Moncton. However... we could not resist the Village of Petitcodiac who invited us to help them make their Main St. more colourful. 

Festival Inspire creates a proactive culture of art in public spaces in the urban Greater Moncton. But today we are excited to host the very first contemporary mural project of this N.-B. Village and to branch out with rural communities.

A dynamic mural has replaced a dull white wall of Main street, helping to bring pride into the village, keeping young people around and making this place more community-friendly.
In partnership with Ten Thousands Villages.

For this special project we invited Eva Bracamontes, an amazing artist coming right from Mexico to the Village for a whole week of creation on the Main street of the Village of Petitcodiac. 

The work of Eva Bracamontes:

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village of petit codiac festival inspire
village petitcodiac festival inspire mural
eva bracamontes mural festival inspire moncton petitcodiac

Picture by Deography

The wall


petitcodiac village festival inspire ten thousands