Hire us !

Art for Art's Sake is an event powerhouse. We've been around the global block and well verse in bringing the cool to events, festivals, conferences, and private parties. From grass-roots to corporate and municipal events, if your organization and your event meet lineup with our ethos and what we passionately strive to achieve in Atlantic Canada, YOUR event might be the next lucky one on our calendar.

Services offered: 

  • Event Planning and Budgeting - managing a detailed timeline and budget
  • Partnership building and management
  • Site Management - site-specific decision making, colours, theme adjustment
  • Artist Management - all communications, transportation, promotion, payment
  • Event Management - all event planning details, logistics, invitations to special guests, marketing and design, equipment rentals
  • Event Recording - photo and video packages available in all different sizes and styles according to the needs of the event
  • Event Execution - set-up, tear down, maintenance, volunteer supervision, media
  • Stakeholder Evaluation - capturing onsite and post installation feedback from all participating partners
  • Brand Growth - we can make your event bigger and louder than ever before, expanding what your event is able to accomplish
  • Post Event Analysis - delivering a post event report detailing achievements and providing recommendations for future partnerships (on request)

Get in touch with us here. If it seems like a fit then we'd love to take the work off your hands and welcome you aboard!