Hire us !

L'Art ici SVP is an event connoisseur. We've been around the global block and are here to bring the cool to your event, festival, conference, or private party. From grass-roots to corporate and municipal events, we are here to listen to your needs and make your event enjoyable for YOU.

Services offered: 

  • Event Planning and Budgeting - managing a detailed timeline and budget
  • Site Management - site-specific decision making, colours, theme adjustment
  • Artist Management - all communications, transportation, promotion, payment
  • Event Management - all event planning details, logistics, invitations to special guests, marketing and design, equipment rentals
  • Event Execution - set-up, tear down, maintenance, volunteer supervision, media
  • Stakeholder Evaluation - capturing onsite and post installation feedback from all participating partners
  • Post Event Analysis - delivering a post event report detailing achievements and providing recommendations for future partnerships (on request)

Get in touch with us here. If it seems like a fit then we'd love to take the work off your hands and welcome aboard!