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Festival Inspire was founded in 2014 to activate imagination in the celebration of all things ART in Atlantic Canada.

Now an international, travelling, non-profit street arts festival, with its hometown in Moncton, NB. Inspire transforms cityscapes and towns by putting all the arts in all the public spaces while painting giant murals. Programming includes live art, interactive installations, projection mapping, street performance, circus, music, and stuff not even we have thought of yet. Our murals stick around even after we're gone, building a legacy of character, culture, and beauty for the communities that house them. In 2021 we completed an 8-week tour of our beautiful hometown province of New Brunswick - bringing inspiration to 7 new communities AND becoming Canada's LONGEST FESTIVAL - with more consecutive days than any other event coast to coast! 

Festival Inspire creates a proactive culture of art in public space. By creating cross-industry partnerships and collaborations, we aim to build a social and economic network more conducive to a flourishing arts scene, more colourful streetscapes, and happier people. To be part of 2022 get in touch with our Executive Director lisa.griffin@festivalinspire.com

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