Patrick Mcfarlane (CA)

Artist: Patrick Mcfarlane
Location: Orange Lane, Moncton NB




Harmony and Havok (CA)

Our first mural in Miramichi
Artists: Harmony and Havok (Jaclyn Martinez +Matt Williston)
Location: Chatham Public Library - Miramichi
in partnership with Encorp Atlantic as part of the campaign Be a Recycling Hero -
With the support of:
Canadian Heritage
Chatham Public Library - Miramichi
Rodd Miramichi River



Michelle Smith et Michelle Bouchard (CA)

Créée cette été par Michelle Smith et Michelle Bouchard à base de matériaux récupérés sur la plage, cette œuvre de 6x6 pieds sera installée au printemps sur le front de mer
Réalisée grâce au soutien de Encorp Atlantic dans le cadre de la campagne "Sois un héros: recycle!"
- - - -
Created by Michelle Smith and Michelle Bouchard with materials found on the beach, this 6x6 ft piece will be installed in the spring on the seafront!
This mural has been created thanks to the support of Encorp Atlantic as part of their campaign "Be a Recycling Hero" -


Midas Well Creations

This mural has been created thanks to the support of Encorp Atlantic as part of their campaign "Be a Recycling Hero"
61 Carleton St., Fredericton, on the wall of Scandimodern
- - - -
Murale réalisée par Midas Well Creations à Fredericton!
Cette murale a été créée avec le soutien deEncorp Atlantic dans le cadre de la campagne "Sois un héros: recycle!"
61 rue Carleton, Fredericton, sur le bâtiment de la boutiqueScandimodern



Paper and Peony / Chantal Larocque (CA) - The Living Wardrobe

A majestic dress, made up of hundreds of paper flowers made one by one by hand
Une robe majestueuse, composée de centaines de fleurs de papiers réalisées une à une à la main



Lysanne Lombard (CA)

Polypor mushroom lamp



Lucien Rochon Paris

Youngest street artist ever seen in Moncton!
Le plus jeune artiste de rue jamais vu à Moncton!
Lucien came to us, wishing to create a mural on the walls of his school. Things turned out great, we loved the idea, he's daring and we decided to encourage him and gave him a wall... on Moncton's Main Street, in front of the Tidal Bore Park. 
Lucien est venu nous voir, souhaitant réaliser une fresque sur les murs de son école. Nous avons adoré l'idée, il est audacieux et nous avons décidé de l'encourager et de lui donner un mur ... sur la rue Main de Moncton, en face du parc du Mascaret!


Oakoak (FR)


Taroe Taro(FR)

Taroe taro

Beehive Design Collective(HFX)

Beehive Design Collective

Kiri Leigh(HFX)




I AM EELCO(Netherlands)





Miles Toland


Chelsea Gauvin


Chelsea Gauvin
Chelsea Gauvin


Chelsea Gauvin


Chelsea Gauvin
Chelsea Gauvin


Chelsea Gauvin


Chelsea Gauvin


Chelsea Gauvin




Eva Bracamontes




Over the last year we received a lot of requests from cities across the country to learn about how we work or to organise a mini Inspire, but so far we have focused our efforts on Greater Moncton. However... we could not resist the Village of Petitcodiac who invited us to help them make their Main St. more colourful. 

A dynamic mural has replaced a dull white wall of Main street, helping to bring pride into the village, keeping young people around and making this place more community-friendly.
In partnership with Ten Thousands Villages.

For this special project we invited Eva Bracamontes, an amazing artist coming right from Mexico to the Village for a whole week of creation on the Main street of the Village of Petitcodiac. 

eva bracamontes mural festival inspire moncton petitcodiac

Jose di Gregorio

WD Wild Drawing


Ruined Sundays

Jon Fox

Website / Facebook / Instagram
Jonathan Fox was born in Moncton, NB. After learning to paint as a child he studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. There, Jon received several awards, interned at local galleries, and completed an exchange program with AR.Co Lisbon, Portugal. After graduating with a BFA from NSCAD, he went on to live and work in Asia where he showed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Jon then completed the film production program at the Victoria Motion Picture School and worked on more than 40 major motion pictures and television shows in Vancouver. In 2012, Jon returned East to teach at NSCAD while also starting his own business. Jon continues to teach, make and show art and work freelance photography and other art related fields.

Wasp Elder

Website Facebook Instagram

Wasp Elder (EN) paints pictures populated by enigmatic souls and unstressed backgrounds, enticing a sentiment of an obscure journey.
His drawings, paintings and films present an evocative combination of solitary figures, collaged scenes, close-ups, obscured features, and potential catastrophe.

Opire et Bonar



Alegria del Prado (SP)

391 Coverdale Rd, Riverview

Female artist for Festival inspire 2016, Esther del Prado is half of the duo Alegria del Prado from Spain.

The duo has been working together since 2010. In their work they create dream worlds, calling for harmony between nature and the modern world. Their murals integrate their art into everyday life.

Esther painted this gigantic mural solo in 6 days in front of the Petitcodiac River, highlighting some Canadian symbols like the bear, the salmon, the forest and Monarch butterfly. This mural is the first one Festival Inspire created in Riverview, NB.


Alegria del Prado FEstival Inspire

Dan Kitchener (UK)

178 Robinson St, Moncton

Moncton fell in love at first sight with "Tokyo Candles", the insane mural of the solo British muralist Dan Kitchener.

Always smiling while painting faster than a machine, we were all amazed by Dan K's incredible technique. He will keep the heart warming people of Moncton in his artist portfolio for life.




dan kitchener festival inspire

Eelco (NL)

Castle Manor, 217 University Av., Moncton
Moncton, Festival Inspire, and Eelco is a kind of love story. Everybody told us how much they loved the amazing mural he did in 2015 on Edith Cavell School. That's why when an awesome and unexpected project came to us we decided to bring Eelco back in Moncton, and entrust him with the... Castle Manor Mural!

The building is a protected masterpiece, but in agreement with the new owners and Moncton Heritage, a "non-patrimonial" wall, on the backside of the Castle has been painted by Eelco with some patterns that speak to the long history of the castle.

Such an exciting project!


Eelco mural

Fred Harrisson (CA)

14 Rabbi Lippi Medjuck Ave, Moncton

The Mural Doctor strikes again!

Well known for the numerous murals he realized in the Town of Sussex, NB, Fred offered a vibrant tribute to New Brunswick First Nations on this 60ft (20m) mural in downtown Moncton.


Fred Harrisson FEstival inspire

Jared Betts (CA)

198 Lutz St., Moncton

Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Jared Betts has exhibited in over 100 group and solo exhibitions in Canada, Paris, London, New York City, Germany, Costa Rica and Iceland. His work is included in numerous corporate and private collections around the world.


Jared BEtts

Konecki (USA)

300 st George St., Moncton

San Diego-based artist, Christopher Konecki loves writing about himself in the 3rd person. 

Konecki is self-taught, and constantly experimenting. His work is explorative of social consciousness, generally irreverent, and focused on subjects that are both serious and absurd. His use of found and 'repurposed' objects advocates the reassessment of typical ideals of function and beauty. 

Earning his BA from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2008, Konecki has since exhibited in galleries throughout Southern California. His expanded work includes curation, murals, live painting events, apparel design and sports graphics, and his work has been featured on the covers of San Diego Citybeat and NUG Magazines. His installation work may be viewed in numerous San Diego establishments, including Vin De Syrah Wine Parlor, Waypoint Public Restaurant, SILO, Common Theory and The Local Pacific Beach.


Christopher Konecki

Philippe Baudelocque (FR)

3 Champlain St, Dieppe
216 Gauvin road, Dieppe
434 Main St, Moncton

Do not, above all, tell Philippe Baudelocque that he is a street artist : the young man hates being confined to the street. Or anywhere else for that matter!

His freedom is of paramount importance : processes, creative supports… His thing is to experiment. His white chalk drawings on black were first discovered several years ago, on the façade of a boutique in a street in the Marais.
His notorious graphic animals and poetic constellations have gone from strength to strength. Baudelocque loves breaking down traditional barriers and building bridges between artistic and commercial worlds and spheres.

These black and white ideas have a calm humanity, at peace with itself and its environment.


Philippe Baudelocque

Shantz (CA)

475 st George St, Moncton

With a practice spread across painting, drawing, sculpture, muralism, photography, graphic arts, and cinematography, Jeremy Shantz’s work is best described as west coast-infused and pop surrealist. Born in British Columbia, he studied classical painting, sculpture, film, and creative electronics, receiving his BFA at UBC-Okanogan and Emily Carr. He now lives and works in Montreal and exhibits internationally. We would have this happy human back in town any day! 


shantz festival inpire

Jose di Gregorio (USA)

212 Rue St. George, Moncton
Jose Di Gregorio was born in Puerto Rico but has spent most of his life in California and quickly fell in love with Moncton. Working on either paper, wood or walls, his paintings reflect stylized landscapes at night, rainbow arches or layers of overlapping geometric lines and galaxies. José spent an emotional overwhelming week in our community, thanks to a mix of rainy days and human warmth.
He already plans to come back with his two daughters to let them enjoy the Maritime way of life.


jose di gregorioe festival inspire

Ruined Sundays

286 Rue Robinson St., Moncton

The artist Ruined Sundays from Montréal worked on the back fence of Youth Q.U.E.S.T. Central on a collaborative project of free expression with the residents of the center.

Ruined Sundays Festival inspire

Mathieu Francoeur (CA)

811 Main St, Moncton

Mathieu Francoeur is a well known artist in NB.

He won the jury's favour in our call to artists in 2016 to create this giant installation on the back wall of the Capitol Theatre. The installation has become a symbol of the city and allows everyone to fly even for just a few moments on their daily life.



Mathieu Francoeur FEstival inspire


Jason Botkin (MTL)

425 st George St, Moncton

Botkin was inspired by the history of the Acadian and Mi'kmaq people of this region. Sharing the common space on deck are layers of men and women from both the Mi’kmaq and Acadian people that have shaped and defined Moncton’s historical and cultural landscape.


Jason Botkins

Eelco (NL)

125 Park St, Moncton

For his first stay in Moncton, Eelco conquered the heart of the Moncton inhabitants. His geometric, poetic and colorful patterns have given a soul to this emblematic district of the city.

All 270 students participated in the work by painting a giant rainbow through their very own playground.



Eelco FEstival inspire Moncton

Aaron Glasson (NZ)

120 Westmorland St, Moncton

Title: "Apple of my Eye"

"I'm painting as part of a collaborative project with my friend Celeste Byers. It's about a group of inter-dimensional travelers who move around in a teleport. The characters are from another dimension and are visiting Moncton, or a parallel version of Moncton. If you look closer you will see many specific details about Canada and Moncton's cultural roots.

They are in awe, taking in the splendour of life forms like apples, veggies, and birds. To me it's also about some other stuff like the unseen power of being and personal strength."
Overwhelmed by his experience in Moncton, Aaron decided to make a short movie about this experience called Merci Moncton

Aaron Glasson FEstival inspire Moncton


85 Bonaccord St, Moncton

Jeep Jones, AKA the Daydreamer is in love with superheroes in a parallel colourful word. Painter and musician, he offered the lucky kids of Roche Papier Ciseaux's school an inspiring recreation yard where they can dream the future in multicolour.


JEEP Festival inspire Moncton

Kevin Ledo (MTL)

104 Wesley St, Moncton

 Title: ”The Universe in his Eyes”. A mural inspired by a photo of a homeless man in L.A., taken by U.K photographer Lee Jeffries.

Kevin was inspired to give the voiceless and nameless a voice in the city stating "The Universe is in every man’s eyes." Find out more about his paintings all over the world here:

Kevin LEdo FEstival Inspire Moncton

Anička Senior (Trin)

120 Westmorland St, Moncton

Anicka creates mandalas with the intention that they be used as meditation aids to help inspire peace and healing within the observer. Her mandalas may be classified as a form of Yantra, each infused with specific positive intentions and all created in light and with love to raise the vibration of the area where they are placed. 

Follow her on facebook.

You can wear her stuff too.

Mandale giant FEstival inspire

Culture Days 2015 - Art Heart

Artist: Matthew K. Williston & Lisa J. Griffin 

Yarn and nails, art on heart





The Bins Project: Oak Lane

Artists: Fabrizio Santori, Macy Cheng, Curtis Rioux, Legasee, Vu Hoang, Sinclair Murray 

The Bin Projects is our very first public art project. The project was done in collaboration with the Downtown Moncton Centreville Inc. the beginning of a long story !

Culture Days 2014 - Lotus Bench

A project created in collaboration with the City of Moncton and NB artist and photographer Glen McLean for Culture Days 2014. The piece became paintable, transformable, interactive, and functioned as an artistic option for public lounging. 

lotus-bench festival inspire