Inspire 2017




A festival to celebrate art and urban culture

Location: Greater Moncton


Inspire is a free, non-profit street arts festival designed to engage all ages, attract those from both here and away, and inspire imagination in the celebration of all things ART.  The festival actively involves local residents, business, and artists both regional and international acting as participants, partners, and volunteers. 

The festival takes place in Greater Moncton transforming the tri-cityscape over 7 days into a visual wonderland with murals and live art, interactive art installations, visual projection mapping, street performance, circus, music, and adventure. 

Following a greatly successful first year in June 2015, and an incredible edition in 2016, we are planning something even more awesome for summer 2017. To stay up to date follow us on facebook and get updates as soon as they happen!  Stay tuned... and get ready to be inspired.