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How to get to Festival Inspire

Festival inspire happen all around Greater Moncton, N.-B., Canada
The murals are painted in various location that you can find HERE.

Greater Moncton is accessible:
- by plane: Greater Moncton Airport is about 8km from Moncton downtown core
- by train: Moncton is served by ViaRail, the station is located in Moncton downtown
- by bus: Several copmanies will bring you to Moncton rail station
- by car: just use your GPS

Share a ride to Moncton:
Logo_kangarideThe greener, the better.
Why not rideshare between home and Inspire? Make new friends and have an ECOlogical and ECOnomical trip.
Festival inspire is proud to partner with Kangaride, a ridesharing platform.
People travelling from or to Moncton will enjoy a free 6 months membership to the platform.
Try it now ! www.kangaride.com/events/inspire


The facebook group: Festival Inspire rideshare is an other option to share a car to Moncton

About the murals

Who gives the organization permission to paint the walls?
Permission is granted by the wall owner. Pieces will often go through a jury process prior to final decision making.

How long does a mural take?
Depending on weather, and priming, a mural can take up to 1 week to install.

How long does a mural last? Who maintains them?
Average lifespan of a mural is 9 - 12 years, and many murals are installed with a maintenance budget in mind. The party responsible for maintenance is specific to the contract with which the mural is created.

Can they paint a mural on my house?
Our artists are not house painters.
They spend hours creating a design that matches the size and the area of the wall they are painting. Festival Inspire leaves the inspiration for the piece up to the artists free will.
I you want to have a mural on a private house contact us and we could eventually make the contact with an artist if an appropriate budget is offered by the wall owner.

Is this graffiti?
Graffiti is a term that means 2 things:
1) Don’t have permission
2) A specific art style
Festival Inspire has permission to be putting up these murals, and none are being done in a graffiti style.

Where are the murals ?

To find out where are the murals made during the previous edition of Festival inspire:
- Check the tab: Previous murals
- the list with pictures on the page www.festivalinspire.com/murals

When does all of this take place?

The festival takes place for a week every year (hopefully) in July
There are a lot of activities throughout the week.
The muralists will be painting from Monday until Saturday.
To check all the awesome events of the week visit the programming

How much is it ?

Festival inspire is basically a FREE public event. We want to make arts and culture accessible to everyone.

There is a fee for just a few very specific activities.

Festival Inspire and the kids

Festival Inspire is an inclusive and family/kid friendly event
We want to inspire everyone!

Fostering creativity won't just increase your child's chances of becoming the next Picasso. You're also helping him/her develop mentally, socially, and emotionally.

during the festival, some activities are even specially built for kids. These last years we heard so many times kids saying "It was the best day of my life!" or desperate parents trying to go home but the kids wanted to stay longer and watch the murals or paint by themselves.

NB: We are not responsible for family crises if your kids don't want to leave Inspire 🙂

Bring an animal to the festival

We DO love animals.

They are welcome on exterior locations and events sites if you follow the city laws.