Lisa J. Griffin

Co-founder and Executive Director of L’Art ici SVP & Festival Inspire
Lisa is a Community Development Hack living in Moncton Canada. A project junkie, who turns ideas into community movements globally for over 15 years. She studied IDS at Dalhousie Uni and ESD from Murdoch Uni in Australia. Living on a boat taught her that change is the only thing that remains constant. She has a robotic hand from Japan, a fake tooth from Australia, and a yoga teaching cert from India. Her spirit animal is the Otter, Chinese zodiac year of the monkey; and she's an Aquarius. Not an artist herself but a believer of life itself as an art; she is constantly looking at walls and sees the city as a blank canvas for art and culture. Lisa likes coffee and people who invite her to have one over talks about cool ideas.

Matthew Kingsley Williston

Matt Williston Festival inspire

Co-founder and Creative Director of L’Art ici SVP & Festival Inspire (2013 to 2017)
Matthew returned to Moncton in 2012 to bring culture and art to his birthplace after being based in Montreal,while travelling and working the world, since 1999. VJ, DJ, actor, performer, and event organizer, Matthew is well versed in cutting-edge media arts and projection mapping. He continues to push the borders of contemporary and visual arts, bringing with him 20+ years experience in event planning, art and subculture.