Art + Activation

Since the beginning, we eat, sleep, breathe, and dream our mission of creating colourfully vibrant, rich and inspired urban centers through putting art in public places, activating public spaces, and creating avenues for democratic community growth. Our artists are painting with a purpose. The people who live here can feel it. 

Artivation: The art of combining artistic talent with action oriented education for public education and change. 
Through a diverse array of artistic talent from around the world Festival Inspire channels collective positive energy for social, environmental, economic, and cultural change. 

We are excited to host another beautiful collection of artivators from around the world again this year. If you’d like to help support the movement click here.

Build community

Community is rarely born out of geography but rather a sense of common purpose. Art reaches across racial stereotypes, religious barriers, socio-economical and age prejudices and can bring us together .Public art creates a sense of belonging, allowing everyone to connect to their city.

Create safer, healthier, and more sustainable public spaces

More vibrant streets make public spaces healthier and safer by increasing walkability, cyclability, and sense of place.

Generate Downtown Investment

By reviving the downtown core the project aims to increase foot traffic and create an optimum place to live, visit, open a new venture and / or continue to do business.

Engage the artistic community

By weaving appreciation for artistic talent into the story of how we build our city we can offer our artists a reason to stay, and a reason for others to come.