Festival Inspire transforms the cityscape for 7 days into a visual wonderland with murals and live art, interactive installations, projection mapping, street performance, circus, music, and stuff not even we have thought of yet. Our murals stick around even longer, building a legacy of character, culture, and beauty. 

Festival Inspire is an international, free, week-long, non-profit street arts festival designed to engage all ages and activate imagination in the celebration of all things ART. Inspire brings artists from all around the world to colour the city with magic.

The Festival Inspire creates a proactive culture of art in public spaces in Downtown Moncton. Dynamic murals replace dull walls that were subject to vandalism or ‘tagging’, neglect or despair. Everything is created in high traffic, high visibility areas to be experienced by the largest audience possible, and in derelict or vacant urban spaces for the purpose of reactivating those spaces. By creating a collaboration between local businesses, artists, community organizations and residents, the organization offers long lasting character, energy and beauty, economic growth and prosperity to the City.

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Stay tuned... and get ready for Inspire 4 !