Festival Inspire :  A gift from US to YOU.

Our amazing team of magicians has now successfully completed YEAR 8 of Festival Inspire - a diverse and inclusive cultural program celebrating ART and SHARED SPACES. We are now going into hibernation and would like to say THANK YOU to all the helping hands we've had along the way.

Our Artists - We are honoured to have had you grace our programming throughout our journey. The world needs you. Don't stop doing in whichever form makes you complete. THANK YOU for the work that you do, the support you've provided the festival platform, and the wisdom and school you have offered our team. We learned everything from YOU.

Volunteers - you know who you are! (and may still have paint on some of your clothes to prove it). THANK YOU.

Corporate Partners - It is companies like yours that make the cities we wish to live, work, and play in. THANK YOU.

Community Organizations - The work you do is essential - we THANK YOU for your partnership.

Host Municipalities - You're going the extra mile in the seats you occupy with efforts like these! THANK YOU for using creativity to solve real city challenges.

The PEOPLE - THANK YOU to our audiences that supported the mural production, live art installations, came to one of our concerts, rode with us in a Disco Bike Ride, danced with us in a field or parking lot, took a workshop, hosted a workshop, made a new friend at one of our events, changed your mind, changed our minds. THANK YOU for contributing to the cultural democracy of our cities and towns in Atlantic Canada. You are essential.

If you wish to contact us regarding any past or future projects the best email is lisa.griffin@festivalinspire.com (Please note there will be delays in us responding to you in the off-season)